About Us

Simon Gregorčič Slovenian Cultural Association (SGSCA) is a non-profit organization named after one of Slovenia’s great poets. Our mission is to promote Slovenian culture and traditions among a community of dedicated members and visitors to our club.

Simon Gregorcic

Simon Gregorčič

SGSCA was founded in the late 50’s and most of the original members come from the Primorje region of Slovenia near the Adriatic Sea. In the early years of the association dances and other social gatherings were held in rented facilities, and in the early 60’s the club established our own property on the north side of Highway 9 east of Highway 400. A statue of Simon Gregorčič was unveiled and proudly stands on the grounds in honour of our heritage.

A clubhouse, outdoor dance floor, swimming pool, bocce area, playground, soccer field, and other sports facilities are present at the park. The club’s activities include Gregorčič Day in June, picnics, banquets, dances, performances, sports tournaments, meetings and other social and cultural related events.

Our beautiful park, events and amenities are the result of countless years of contributions by our dedicated members both past and present. Truly a labour of love. So much of their time and resources were volunteered to create this beautiful space for the enjoyment of SGSCA members and visitors and we are forever grateful.

There are 100+ members at the present time, most with ties from the Slovensko Primorje region and membership is open to all with interest in Slovenian culture!

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